2008 Updates

6 November 2008

A lot has happened since our last update.  I took a 2 week trip to China, Australia, and Singapore back during the first part of September.  We got an offer on our house in Charleston a week or so ago and we accepted it.  The next day, we put an offer in on a house here in Manitowoc.  Hopefully we will complete the closing in Charleston and then the closing here right before Christmas.

The weather has turned colder and the days are getting shorter.  It is strange, being from the south, how early it get dark here.  By 5pm it is almost dark.  We saw our first snow last week.  Not much, just a few flurries.  Looks like we may see more of the white stuff this weekend.

We plan to spend Christmas here in Manitowoc and then go over to the cabin for the week after.  We will be spending Thanksgiving in Charleston this year since we have to be there to get our house ready for the movers.

Well, all is well here.  We hope everything is well with you.

-Robin, Scott, Ashleigh, and Ethan

24 August 2008

Well, we have almost completed the move.  I left Charleston in mid June and Robin and the kids just arrived in Manitowoc last week.  We are living in an apartment right now until we either sell or rent the house in Charleston.  

My new job is great.  I really like the company and the people I am working with.  The project is full of constant challenges, but I get to play with really big cranes!  The only downside I have encountered so far is the travel that takes me away from Robin and the kids.  There is a good bit of international travel as well as some domestic.  Within the first 4 months of joining Manitowoc I have visited France and I am scheduled to go to Australia, China, and Singapore.  

We certainly hope all is well with all our friends and family.  Take care and be sure to stay in touch!

-Scott, Robin, Ethan, and Ashleigh

14 May 2008

As many of you know over the past 10 years I have had the chance to follow various different endeavors.  I have been lucky enough to work at NBC, work with and make many wonderful friends at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, travel to many interesting places, and design and implement various satellite and cellular tracking and monitoring technologies. I have had the freedom to work for myself and have an extremely flexible schedule (while being my own boss).  

Back in March I was contacted by a recruiter representing a company that was searching for someone to head up their new Telematics roll-out on a global scale.  After many phone conversations, a trip to one of their facilities in PA for a marathon interview session, and an in depth review of their offer, Robin and I have decided to tackle this new challenge.  So, I have accepted a position with Manitowoc Crane Group as their Director of Global Telematics.

Manitowoc, WI

As you can imagine, this is an exciting opportunity and we look forward to diving in and making this endeavor a success!  We will have to re-locate, though.  We were given the choice of Shady Grove, PA or Manitowoc, Wi.  After considering several factors, we settled on Manitowoc, Wi.

This was not an easy decision for us.  Robin and I were married in Charleston, our two children were born here, and we have many wonderful friends here, but this opportunity was just to good to pass up.

Manitowoc, Wi is located on the western shore of Lake Michigan just south and east of Green Bay.  Yes, it will be cold, there will be snow, and it will be a big change from Charleston.  Despite all that, we are looking forward to making new friends and enjoying a different part of the country.

We hope you will stay in touch!  We will attempt to keep this site updated during our transition with news and pictures. 

-Scott and Family

6 May 2008

It is an exciting time here at the ye old Blair household... The little goslings have hatched!  The are waddling all over the yards. streets, and sidewalks while mommy and daddy geese desperately try to keep them all together and out of trouble.  Check out the picture to the left or goto the Pictures section.

We are heading to Michigan for Memorial Day!  Ashleigh and Ethan will finally get to attend to their favorite pastime when we arrive... throwing rocks into the lake!  Check back in June, we should have the pictures up in the Pictures section.

Ashleigh and Ethan are enjoying picking flowers for Mommy!  Ashleigh especially loves the pink ones!