2009 Updates

31 May 2009

Over the past few weeks, while cutting the grass, I have run across a snake in our yard.  Each time, I must admit, it scared the you know what out of me.  Today I was cutting the grass and like clock work the snake shows up, but this time with a friend!  I went and got Ethan and the camera we got a few shots of one of the snakes (the other must have bugged out).  Check out the pictures we got of him...

I asked Ethan if wanted to name the snake, and he said YES!  So, now his name is Skippy Jon Jones.

-Scott and Ethan

3 May 2009

Since November, we moved into our new house, had over 85 inches of snow, took a trip to Paris, got 2 new cats (that makes 3 in all), and watched Ashleigh and Ethan grow bigger and bigger.

Spring has finally arrived in the frozen tundra.  It was a long, cold winter, but we are glad it is finally over.  Robin and I just returned from Paris.  I had to work, but she had 10 days to site see and relax.  It was a good trip, but, as always, we are glad to be home.  Grammy and Ah-da came all the way from SC to watch Ashleigh and Ethan.

Work is going well.  CraneSTAR is finally a reality.  There are a few more things to develop and get done, but for the most part it is working.  After 11 months of constant work, a vacation is in order.  So, on 21 May, we are heading to the cabin to open it for the season!!!   

Please drop us a line if you can. 

Well, all is well here.  We hope everything is well with you.

-Robin, Scott, Ashleigh, Ethan, Raisin, Choxi, and Daisy