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2010 Updates

18 October 2010

Oscar is growing up.  He has put on weight and is now a little kitty full of energy.  He loves chasing the laser pointer on the floor and playing with your feet.  There are new pictures in the Pictures Section.

This morning, Ashleigh, Ethan, and I went to Mulberry Lane Farms on the annual field trip with their school.  
The kids had a blast milking cows, feeding goats, chasing chickens, taking a hay ride, picking pumpkins, and feeding the sheep.  They also got to see and hold little chicks and baby ducks.

We ate lunch on the farm and had a great time!  It was a little cool for some, but I thought it was quite nice.

Robin is doing well, but she is ready to get this pregnancy over with!  Just a few weeks to go now!

Fall is fully here in the upper Mid-West.  The leaves have changed and fallen, the garden is done for the season, and it is time to get the snow blower ready for the winter.  Our boat is still in need of winterizing... I hope to get to that this weekend.  I have been trying to get all my trips crammed into October, so I have been traveling a little lately.

Well, that is all for this update... take care and check out the new pictures!


24 September 2010

More on Oscar... 

Oscar will not stop eating.  The highlight of his days are playing with Ashleigh and Ethan or chasing the pen laser dot on the floor.  He has dropped the nervous and apprehensive personality only to adopt a friendly, open, I love life attitude.  

The ear mites seem to be on the run as well as the tummy worms.  By the end of weekend he should be ready to leave the friendly confines of my basement office in order to explore the rest of the house and meet the other cats.

So, all is well with the little guy.  Here are some other pictures:

22 September 2010

Two days ago I was minding my own business, sitting at my desk in my office here in my basement when I heard a really strange and, actually, pitiful sound.  I turned and looked out the door across the basement were I could see the sliding glass door leading to patio outside.  It was dusk, so there was just enough light to see this little kitten meowing at the top of its lungs.  When I say 'meowing at the top of its lungs' I mean loud... freight train loud, 86,000 in Death Valley loud (you rednecks down south know what I mean)... so needless to say this little guy was loud.  

As soon as I went outside to get the little guy, he ran off... poof, like a fart in the wind.  Being the nice guy that I am I went out into the woods to look for him.  Mind you, it is almost dark at this time.  I got close to him, but never c 
aught him.

Fast forward to today.  Robin comes home with the kids to find things in the garage 'disturbed' somewhat.  After a quick search she locates referenced cat above scared out of his mind and shaking like a house in a hurricane.  She managed to grab him and get him into a cat carrier.  

Shortly after all this I get a call at work to tell me that the cat had been captured.  I came home and took the little guy to the vet to get checked out.

So, a 100 bucks later we know know he is fairly healthy, 6-8 weeks old, a boy, has ear mites, and probably worms in his belly (no worries though, the $100 included fixing the ear mites and tummy worms).  Ashleigh, Ethan, me, and 3 of their closest friends (Abby, Lizzy, and Zack) got him (now named Oscar) all setup in my office downstairs (bed, food, water, and a litter box).  

Anyone want a cat?

-Scott (with help from Oscar)

11 September 2010

Well, it has been quite awhile since the last update.  So long in fact, I bet no one reads these anymore... 

Summer is fading here in the upper mid-west.  The leaves are beginning to change and the salmon are running.  Robin and the kids spent 3 week at the cabin in Michigan returning last weekend.  They love spending time over there!

Robin is now in the last 10 weeks of pregnancy #2.  Blast-off is scheduled for 16 November!  We are patiently waiting to find out what we are having (we do know it is only 1 this time!).  My opinion is that we are going to have a girl, Robin says a boy.  So, we are probably having a boy ;).  

Work is going great!  I am now working in the new Global Innovation Department inside Manitowoc Global Engineering.  I work with a bunch of great people who are smart and extremely passionate about what they do.  My traveling is much less than before and will come to a temporary halt after mid-October (with the new addition coming).

Ashleigh and Ethan are excited about their new brother or sister.  Robin and I hope their enthusiasm remains after the baby comes.  Ethan volunteered to move to the basement so his new baby sister or brother cold have his room!  He is such a big brother already.   

They both started kindergarten this week!  They are getting SO big!  Both are doing very well in school... they are beginning to read and do math!  We planted a large garden this year that they both help rend to... they learned all about gardening at school.

Robin is doing well as well.  She is in the midsts of organizing a 25th year anniversary celebration and fund raiser for the kid's school.  It is amazing what she has been able to pull together while taking care of two 4 year olds, spending three weeks in Michigan, and carrying a baby in her tummy all the while!  The shindig is scheduled for 25 September... they are hoping to raise $25,000!

Well, I hope all is well with you as you have read this... thanks for taking a few minutes to catch up on the Blair's.  Take care!