Home Brew Antennas

I tend to like to build my own antennas.  Looking in the catalogs and seeing the cost of many of the 'state of the art' antennas gave me sticker shock.  So, being that is supposed to be a technical hobby rooted in the ingenuity of making it yourself, I try to build my own antennas.

Over the past few years I have built two fairly simple antennas, one for my 2m rig and the other for our club's field day setup.

1/4 Wave 2 Meter Vertical

This antenna was a simple design utilizing only a SO-239 connector, some clothes hangers (from laundry done at a hotel in Paris!), electrical tape, and some silicon sealant. 

160-10 Meter Fan Dipole

This antenna was built for the local radio club's Field Day - 2010.  IT worked very well with SWR readings no more than 4:1 on the non-WARC bands.  So the auto-tuner handled it quite well.  We made contacts on 160, 80, 40, 20, and 15 with is antenna.  


40m End Feed Half-Wave

Choosing an antenna for my SW-40+ rig that I intend to use as a portable setup was not as easy as I had first thought.  I though, I will just build a dipole and be done... But, then I though about all the supports required, rope, etc... That is when I settled on the EFHW.  It really only needs 

minimal support and can be deployed in many different ways.

Once this choice was made, I was going to need a EFHW tuner, so I located a kit, assembled it, and away we go...
Pictures of the EF  HW and Tuner (Sorry the antenna is in its bag... it is a 40m one after all)...