Being a little of a freak about anything space, I enjoy working the ISS with voice or packet. Contacting the ISS is not as difficult as it may seem. With my humble setup I have worked stations via the packet digipeter as well as NA1SS via voice (from my mobile in the truck!).

ISS Frequencies

Amateur Radio Frequencies (Note: Only one mode active at a time)

FM L/v VOICE Repeater (Worldwide)

    • Downlink 145.800

    • Uplink 1269.650

AX.25 1200 Bd AFSK Packet Radio (Worldwide)

    • Downlink 145.825

    • Uplink 145.825

FM SSTV downlink (Worldwide)

    • Downlink 145.800

UHF Simplex (rarely used)

    • Downlink 437.550

    • Uplink 437.550