Another quality kit from Small Wonder Labs. I just received the kit (11 April 2011) and hope to start on it soon.


This little rig is a popular design from Dave Benson (K1SWL) of Small Wonder Labs. If you are looking for a kit, stop looking, and get a Rock Mite from SW Labs!


The Pixie II is a small direct conversion CW rig for HF. It's a minimalist's dream... small, simple, and functional.

Lately I have gotten the QRPp bug.... So I have begun to build some small CW QRPp radios for fun as well as to learn a little about QRP and QRPp construction. This means that I now have to 'relearn' my morse code, since why would anyone do non-cw QRPp?

I located some code aids on the web that seem to be helping me recapture the old days fairly well. The one I am using now is called 'MorseCards'. It is a compilation of *.mp3 files covering each letter, number, and punctuation mark made by Hal Mueller (KE7BYN). Using iTunes, I made a CD that I can listen to in my truck to and from work.

To download MorseCards, please look in the 'Attachments' Section below.

For more helpful information in the areas of Morse Code and / or Ham Radio instruction in general, I recommend the Ham Radio Instructor Web Site.